Rain Of Summer, Snow Of Winter

Rain Of Summer, Snow Of Winter

Grace Of Autumn, Glory Of Spring

May Beauty Of Every Season

Give Ur Heart A Beautiful Reason

Happy Winter Season.

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A very shy young man goes into

A very shy young man goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting alone, after 1 hour he gathered enough courage to ask her “Excuse me can i sit beside u?” she responds loudly “NO I DONT WANA SPEND THE NIGHT WITH U” every 1 in bar started looking at the man the man was embarrassed after a few minutes the woman walks over to his table smiles n apologizes says u see i m psychology student studying how people respond 2 embarrasing situations, the man responds loudly “WHAT DO U MEAN 10 THOUSANDS RUPEES FOR A NIGHT THATS TOO MUCH”

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Beautiful W0rdsb

~.~Beautiful W0rds~.~

” Apny ALLah se Hamaisha Achha Guman rakh0 kiun k us ki zaat se jesa guman rakh0 gay us k0 wesa he pa0 gay”

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I wanted to put something

I wanted to put something

incredibly beautiful,







on you screen, but unfortunately I do not fit on it.

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@=======@ **I**

‘~ @=======@


/ “MISS” /

/ “*U.*” /


“LOVE” “”*IS*” ””LIFE'” @======@

/’*LIEE*’ /

/ “*IS*” /

/ “ROSE” /


“”*ROSE*” “”**IS**” ‘Beautiful’ @========@


/”*Jese* ” /

/ *Tum..”‘ /


”Eid Card” ”’*For*”” ””’*U*””’ @=======@


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Types of Girls Computer Humo

Types of Girls ( Computer Humor ) CD-ROM GIRLS She is always faster and faster EMAIL GIRLS Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense HARD DISK GIRLS She remembers everything, FOREVER INTERNET GIRLS Difficult to access MULTIMEDIA GIRLS She make horrible thing look beautiful SCREENSAVER GIRLS She is good for nothing but at least she is fun RAM GIRLS She forget about you, the moment turn her off WINDOW GIRLS Everyone know that she can”t do a thing right, but no one can live with out her VIRUS GIRLS Also known as “wife”” when you are not expecting her, she comes, install herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall her you will lose something, if don”t try you uninstall her you will lose everything SERVER GIRLS Always busy when you need her

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I Wish 4 U Great start 4 M

I Wish 4 ” U ” Great start 4 Monday No Obstacles 4 Tuesday

No stress 4 Wednesday No worry 4 Thursday Smile 4 Friday

Party 4 Saturday & Great fun 4 Sunday “Have a beautiful

and smart week.”

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A beautiful saying b

A beautiful saying..

Achy Dost Bnao Q K insan ki pehchan us se nahi us k Doston se hoti hai

(isi lye tm ny mjhy dost bnaya na..

buht chalaak ho tm!! ;-)

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