Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinn

Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Education First

When you have got that light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially, then you have got to prepared yourselves for your defence – defence against external aggression and to maintain internal security.

(Presidential address at the conference of the Punjab Muslim Students Federation, March 2, 1941.)

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Hazrat Jibraeel nay kaha Muham

Hazrat Jibraeel nay kaha Muhammad (S.A.W.W) Mai Zameen per maujood reit k hr Zarray ko gin sakta hoon, Samundar ki hr machli gin sakta hoon aur Zamin pr maujood Pattay gin sakta hoon lykin jb koi insan AAp (SAW)pr Durood bhejta hy aur Us pr ALLAH jitni rehmatein bhejta hy wo mai b nhi gin skta.

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ALLAH TaLa ko MEEM se kitni

ALLAH Ta’La ko “MEEM” se kitni Mohabbat Hai..

MEEM se bana “MABOOD”


MEEM se bana “MAKKA”

MEEM se bana “MADINA”

MEEM se bana “MASJID”

MEEM se bana “MADIRSA”



MEEM se bana “MAA”


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Koi Hay Jo Hum Say Dosti Kar

( Koi Hay Jo Hum Say Dosti Karian Mobil sms Mein!!!!!! Achay Or Mukhlis Dost Khushnaseeb Logon Ko Melty Hian…… plz contact as only sms 03332390790 / Muhammad Nadeem

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Signs of Qiyamah: Appear

Signs of Qiyamah:

Appearance of Imam Mahdi

Appearance of Dajjal

Descendants of Hazrat Isa (A.S)

Appearance of Yajooj n Majooj

The rising of the sun 4m the west-the doors of forgiveness will now b closed

The Dab’bat al-Ard will emerge 4m d ground n will mark al d true Muslims.

40 days of fog that will kill al d true believers so that they do not have 2 experience d other signs

A huge fire that will cause destruction.

The writing in the Quran will vanish. The trumpet will b blown d 1st time n al d animals n kafirs that r left will die n al mountains n buildings will crumble

The 2nd time d trumpet will b blown al of Allah’s creation will resurrect n meet on d plains of Arafat for their judgment

The sun will lower itself with the earth.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said, ” Who ever delivers this news to someone else, I will on the day of judgment make for him a place in Jannat.’

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Hazrat Bibi Amina RA frmar

Hazrat Bibi Amina ( R.A) frmarti hain k jab MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)

Mre pait mai aya to 1 badal ka takra Aasman pew arid hua badal mre

Upr choan krta me jab bakriyan chraney jati to bakriya mre pichy chlti

Jab chlti to pathr mre pairon k nichy narm rui ki tarha ho jate or jab

Ku’en se pani nkaalne jati tab pani opr charh aata or aasani se pani bhrti

Jab soti to khubsurat hurein muja pankhy se hwa detien or rozana 1 nabi

Muje khwab me mubarkbad dete ,’

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Hazrat Muhammad PBUH ne frma

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ne frmaya,

Dunya ki zenat3 chezen hain,

1. Maa

2. Oulad

3. Bivi

Aakhrat ki zenat 3 chezen hain,

1. ILM

2. Taqwa

3. Sadqa

Jism ki zenat 3 chezen hain,

1. Kum Khana

2. Kum Sona

3. Kum Bolna

Dil ki zenat 3 chezen hain,

1. Sabr

2. Khamoshi

3. Shukar

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1.Chalty waqt NIGAH nechay rakty.

2.SALAM me hamesha pehal karty.

3.MEHMAN NAWAZI khud karty.

4.NAFLI IBADAT chup kr karty.

5.FARAZ IBADAT sab k samney krty.

6.BIMAR ki mizaj pursi karty.

7.GUSSA ata to baith jaty or baithy huay GUSSA ata to lait jaty.

8.MISWAQ karty.

9.ISHA se phlay kabi na soty.

10.kabi khul kar na hansty,sirf muskuraty.

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Muhammad Kitna


Kitna Piyaara Naam Hai Moo

Se Pura Nikalta Nahi


Hont Ek Dosre Ko 2 Dafa

Chum Laite Hain.

(Try It)!

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Prophet MUHAMMAD S A W: Dun

Prophet MUHAMMAD (S-A-W): “Dunia mein agr 4 cheezain tumhare pas hon to tumhay nuqsaan na hoga

1-Sachi Zuban

2-Amaanat Daari

3-Khush Ikhlaqi

4-Rizq e Halal”

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