Last lines after the End of 20

Last lines after the End of 2010…

Fursatein milen jab bi to ranjishen bhula dena…!!

Kon jaane saanson ki mohlatein kahan tak hain…

Plz forgive all mistakes of everyone…




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Aslam O Alaikum To Friends N F

Aslam-O-Alaikum To Friends N Family Members

Shab-e-Barat Is To B Arrived Soon

Our Future Of Life Or Death Will Be Written That Night


I Openly Appologize To All Of U

If Ever I Hv Hearted You Directly Or Indirectly

Plz Forgive Me

Remember Me In Ur Pray!

God Bless You All

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Asalam O Alaikum , due 2 my bu

Asalam O Alaikum , due 2 my bundles of prayers hopefuly u will b fine. Well

Shub-e-barat is Today. May b my name is written in d list of those people who shall die dis year & may b I shall never meet u again. So I humbly request u , 2 please 4give me & my mistakes, which I made!. I am very very very sorry 4 all the mistakes i made & when ever I hurt u.

Plz forgive me 4 all my silly mistakes. Remember me in ur pary.

Regards: rizwan

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SORRY, before my ammal


before my “ammal nama” is presented to Allah in this month of Rajab!

I want to say:

‘If i ever hurt u or made u feel bad, or i comitted sin like back bitting and whatever sin i done which u know or dont know.


plz forgive me..!

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Salam 4rns tOnight is 15

Salam 4rns

tOnight is 15th Shahban, “The night Oof blessings, Judgement fOr life,

Death & rizq” plz fOrgive my mistakes & Remember me in Ur Prayers. Thnx

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