An American, Italian, Turk & P

An American, Italian, Turk & Pathan met.

American: I’m proud of CIA. They know watevevr’s happening in the world.

Italian: I’m proud of our women. They’re the most beautiful & proud & not easy 2 b “had”

Turk: I’m proud of our carpets.true works of art. No 1 can make carpets of such high quality.

Pathan: I’m proud of myself!

All asked: Why?

Pathan: Last week I fuck an Italian woman on a Turkish carpet.

& the CIA knows nothing about it.

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24hrs make a lovely day,

24hrs make a lovely day,

7 days make a lovely week,

52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a

person like me will make ur life lovely.

Have a lovely day n life!**

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I Wish 4 U Great sta

I Wish 4 ” U ”

Great start 4 Monday

No Obstacles 4 Tuesday

No stress 4 Wednesday

No worry 4 Thursday

Smile 4 Friday

Party 4 Saturday

& Great fun 4 Sunday

“Have a beautiful and smart week.”

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One Heartbreak, Two eyes

One Heartbreak,

Two eyes crying,

Three words never said again,

Four hands that won’t be held,

Five mornings before you changed,

Six love poems:ripped & torn,

Seven days a week I’ll think of him,

Eight sad songs a night before bed,

Nine wishes that never came true,

Ten years he might realizes I were the one

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Have a nice day Allah bless u

Have a nice day Allah bless u more nd more keep me nd all members in ur prayers….aj k lia 1 hi qoute kiun k ab sa salam e subha msg 1 ya 2 din baad ya shaed week ma 1 bar aya karay ga ta k log daily is msg sa disturb na hon…..

feed back zaroor dia karain group k hawalay sa agar koi bhi suggesion ho ap ka paas…ta k iss group ko mzeed behtar or apki pasand k mutabik bnaya ja skay kiun k ye ap ka apna group ha admin ho ya na ho matter nahi krta………thanx

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